Rooted Boston Policies

Rooted Boston is committed to providing Private Sessions and Workshops with you in mind.


Online Program Policies:

The online private sessions, group classes, & workshops are not a replacement for working with a physical therapist. Rooted Boston recommends that anyone that is not feeling ready for a group class first check with their doctor before starting any online program. You might also benefit from working individually in person with a women's health PT. After that you may also benefit from individual sessions in person if it is accessible to you. If anything does not feel right or work for you in our program stop. You will have the recordings and can view them at another time when you are able. By training in this way online you are responsible for your own well-being, progress, and we cannot guarantee any results. By enrolling in the program or session you are agreeing with these policies. You also agree to our release of liability and know that all sales are final.

All private sessions are to be booked either online or at the time of your first appointment of the month. Waiting to schedule or purchase a new package may mean loss of a time you prefer. To ensure you have the times that you want. Purchase a package online and block out your sessions for the month or two. Without a package code we cannot reserve a session time.

All Private Sessions are to begin at the reserved time. While we would love to accommodate you if you are running late we will not be able to do this and still accommodate our next client and commitment. A no show appointment will count as a late cancel and will be charged as a regular session.

All Private Sessions have a 24 hour cancellation Policy.

Please notify us if you are feeling unwell or need to reschedule your appointment we will do our best to find a time that works for you. We do charge the full fee if we have not been notified before 24 hours that you need to cancel your session. We reserve the right to discontinue work with clients who are repeat no-shows with no notice or late cancels if it happens several times.

Classes are for your benefit and convenience as well as those in class with you. Please do not have side conversations during class & arrive on time.

Cell phones are not to be used during private sessions, classes, & workshops. If you are "on-call" for an important call please keep your phone on silent near your own mat and excuse yourself to answer it outside of our studio space.

Please wear shoes in hallway/ bathroom area as our studio is shoe free and we hope to keep the floor as clean as possible for you.

We are not responsible for any personal items left unattended. If anything is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Please leave valuables at home.

  • You are responsible for your own body and well being. If you don’t want to do any particular exercise or you feel it is not right for you it is your responsibility to tell the instructor. Only you are inside your own body, instructors only guide, but you ultimately decide what direction to take. We will always check in with you, so let us know!

  • No Jewelry during Apparatus Sessions

  • No Socks (unless they have treads)

  • No Scented Sprays

  • No Perfumes/ Fragrances/ EOs on Skin

  • No Creams or Lotions on Skin (it sticks to the apparatus and is difficult to clean for other clients)

  • Please wear close fitting exercise wear, no small shorts, bra tops, swimwear, or loose fitting clothing

  • Please tie long hair back off of face & neck

  • Please tell us if you have an injury (past or present) before any class or private sessions

  • Please inform us if you would like only verbal cues and prefer to not be touched. We will be happy to honor this boundary if you inform us

  • Please do NOT come to class or a private session sick. If you feel unwell we will do our best to accommodate you by rescheduling your session should you contact us in a timely manner.

  • We are NOT a childcare facility. Although infants & pre-walkers are welcome in our classes and sessions we are not responsible for their care or safety. They are to remain under your supervision and responsibility at all times.

  • Instructors might offer to hold, soothe, or play with you baby while you are in the studio. By allowing them to assist you they are relieved of any liability.