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Brigitte Arlé [Tuesdays & Thursdays]

Prenatal, Postnatal, Pelvic Floor, & DR Sessions

Brigitte Arlé practiced her first Sun Salutation in elementary school, and has been exploring movement and the body ever since. She continued to deepen her yoga practice though-out her teens, studying dance at the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where she spent her freshman lunch hours learning Classical Pilates mat exercises. Brigitte began training in Pilates in 1995, working with first and second generation Pilates Elders, and received her BFA in Dance from Alvin Ailey/ Fordham University in 2003.  She danced professionally for over a decade in the US, Canada, and Europe before returning to New York where she continued her study of both Pilates and Yoga. She has taught in dance studios, health clubs, Pilates and yoga studios, physical therapy offices, hospitals, and even a few years as the resident Pilates instructor at the NY Stock Exchange.

 In 2010, Brigitte embarked on her journey to become a doula and was later certified by DONA International. She worked with the NYC Doula Collective for four years as a doula and sat on the board of directors for two years. In 2012, she went to the Farm in Tennessee to study Midwifery with Ina May Gaskin (author of Spiritual Midwifery). Brigitte has worked with hundreds of prenatal & postnatal clients, and has been privileged to learn from innovators like Debra Pascali Bonaro, Isa Herrera PT, Erik Franklin, Pamela Hunt CPM, Tom Meyers, holistic gynecologist Eden Fromberg DO, CNN Hero Ibu Robin Lim, Gena Kirby, and Penny Simkin PT (The Birth Partner). Brigitte is also a Certified Lactation Counselor, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, Certified Thai Yoga Massage & Prenatal TYM, Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and Herbalist. In addition to the pre & postnatal trainings she has completed, Brigitte has multiple certificates in pelvic floor & diastasis recti recovery. Witnessing labor, birth and parenting over the years in NYC and Boston has greatly influenced her teaching approach. 

In 2017, Brigitte opened Rooted, her Boston studio, as a way of sharing her expertise in both the joy and healing power of movement. She enjoys teaching every body—from complete beginners to advanced movers—and has trained professional dancers, doctors, A-List celebrities, athletes, teens and seniors. Brigitte tailors each session to meet your body where you are at and assists you to define and reach your goals. She teaches various classes, workshops, and certifications in NYC, Boston, and across the U.S.




Kathryn Martin [Wednesday & Fridays]

Pilates Sessions

Kathryn found Pilates through the Persistent Pain Rehabilitation Program at Change Pain Medical Clinic in Vancouver BC. The Pilates method was a part of her healing program bringing her out of 8 years of debilitating pain. Well guided movement, informed by anatomy and neurology, was and continues to be a huge part of her pain relief journey. She fell in love with Pilates' deliberate approach to movement and the positive impact it can have on us all. Kathryn believes the method offers a modality to gain or regain mobility, balance, control, agility in every body, opening up the increased possibility for spontaneity and joyful activity. 

Kathryn is comprehensively trained on all Pilates Equipment by Balanced Body and professionally certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Kathryn's training was rooted in the original work of Joseph Pilates and complemented by contemporary research.

As a strong believer in continuing education, Kathryn has participated in Integral Anatomy and Anatomy Trains in Motion. She is currently studying the Slings Myofascial Movement Techniques.

Kathryn takes an individualized approach working with clients to help them with their unique goals. It is her goal to bring joyful ease of movement to your sessions and your everyday life too!