The Common Thread

A Prenatal Yoga Workshop for Professionals

July 28th | 10-3:30pm | Jade Pilates | Bromley, UK

Learn about the boundaries and benefits of prenatal yoga. Apply the tools of yoga to create an environment of empowerment, self-advocacy, and intuition for all your prenatal students.

Identify the common thread between pregnancy, labour and parenting and offer accessible tools to your clients in each class.

We will cover:
• The Physiology of Pregnancy, Labour & Birth
• General Modifications for Classwork
• Mindful Cueing & Hands on Adjustments
• The teaching and practice of traditional from techniques from around the world
• Utilizing Pranayama (breathwork) for stress reduction and pain management
• Tapping into the true teacher within each of your clients
• Applying yogic philosophy to gain perspective & offer non- judgemental support
• Using movement and positioning to plant seeds of choice & change
• When and how to seamlessly add these tools to your sessions & group classes


Restore Your Root

A pelvic floor workshop for women

May 4 | 2-4pm | YogaWorks | Cambridge, MA

Whether you want to jump start your postpartum recovery, reconnect your deep muscles of core support, improve alignment, or restore balance to your pelvic floor, this workshop is for you! Restore Your Root™ combines yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy exercises that benefit the pelvic floor, strengthen the core, and help create functionality & health for years to come. You will learn a series of release, strength, and alignment based sequences that you can continue to practice at your own pace at home. In addition, we will discuss habitual patterns and the causes of pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse. These exercises encourage optimal recovery & help to develop a new understanding of these, often misunderstood, muscle groups.

 This workshop is appropriate for all women 6 weeks postpartum and beyond (note: For those who have been cleared for light exercise by a clinician, this is not a parent & baby workshop.)

"I recently participated in Brigitte's Restore Your Root workshop and found it be simply amazing. Brigitte's patience, humor and incredible amount of knowledge made it such a rewarding way to spend the day. I highly recommend this class to all!" -Candice Dowling


Yoga for Childbirth

A Partner Workshop

(available by request as a private workshop)

Yoga for Childbirth:

for Expectant Parents & their Birth Partner

Bring your birth partner and spend the afternoon together learning useful tools to help support you through labor and birth. No matter how you choose to birth your baby these tools can be used both at home and in the hospital to provide emotional & physical support. Your partner will learn comfort techniques, such as touch, acupressure, rebozo, and constructive coaching while you practice giving them feedback.

We will explore positional changes, visualization, movement and breath to help encourage labor to progress and ease discomfort. In addition, we will cover the signs & stages of labor and self-advocacy techniques in a way that is both easy to grasp and remember when the time comes.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring your sense of humor, no yoga experience is required.

"After taking Brigitte’s Yoga for Childbirth class both my husband and I felt prepared for an unmedicated birth. Brigitte is very warm and even more knowledgeable - all the pain coping techniques my midwife and doula helped me perform during the birth I had learned beforehand with Brigitte. Having previous knowledge of how to cope gave me confidence and we ended up having a beautiful, empowering birth experience." -Clementine Tufts

"I had the opportunity to meet Brigitte and take her Yoga for Childbirth class with my husband before the birth of our first baby. The class was really well planned with plenty of educational resources provided (both in handout form and electronically) and very hands-on giving us the opportunity to try out a number of different laboring positions and pain relief strategies with and without the use of various props. Brigitte's expertise and experience as a yogi, doula and mama allows her to combine knowledge from these disciplines to create a comprehensive workshop that will leave any mama-to-be and her birth partner feeling comfortable, prepared and excited for the birthing experience." -Bella Salomon

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